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AMP (Application Management Panel) by CubeCoders Limited allows you to manage servers or applications from a friendly web-based user interface, powered by its own internal webserver.

AMP is ©2014-2016 CubeCoders Limited - All Rights Reserved.


AMP uses the following 3rd party libraries and utilities:

  • jQuery (The jQuery Foundation)
  • FastClick (The Financial Times Limited)
  • FileSaver (Eli Grey)
  • FlotCharts (IOLA and Ole Laursen)
  • Less CSS pre-processor (the core less team)
  • Mono runtime and class libraries (Xamarin)

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You can use {@Value} as a value to specify an emitted value from the trigger.

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Event Triggers are raised either by the application being controlled, a plugin, or by AMP itself. These may include events like the application starting or stopping, or users connecting to/disconnecting from the application.

Interval triggers will fire repeatedly on a regular interval between 1 minute and 1 year, this also allows irregular intervals such as every 1 hour but only on weekdays. Highlighted segments indicate on which times the trigger will fire.

This type of trigger will only fire once at a specific time.

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